Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Wait until The Globe and Mail hears about this...
The New York Times watches and listens as Diana Krall goes to war with her audience. Sort of. To wit:

At Radio City Music Hall, where she concluded a 34-city tour, Ms. Krall was not backing down. Although there were a fair number of walkouts, the capacity audience generally expressed a cautious approval of a concert that pushed pop-jazz to an unusual level of sophistication for a large concert hall.

For this she wins comparisons to Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt and, of course, Joni. Holden's thesis is interesting though. That this isn't Krall v. The Jazz Establishment but Krall v. Her Audience, which is very nearly Krall v. Krall. And (and this is really rare) it gives Krall some credit. God forbid she should have some artistic ambitions in that pretty little head of hers. Not that he's unwilling to acknowledge her limitations.

Ms. Krall is obviously reaching for something very high. If it is still not quite within her grasp, you can only applaud the courage it takes to make such a dangerous and unnecessary leap into unknown territory.

Smart. Her and him. Dunno if he's entirely right (Girl in the Other Room seemed to pass these ears rather unremarkably), but it's refreshing to see someone put some genuine thought into the matter. It's an interesting gimmick.

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