Thursday, August 12, 2004

This isn't Friday. There will be no love.
Not so sorry I missed the Cure then (Jam's Jason MacNeil was impressed, though when was the last time a Jam writer wasn't impressed?)

Otherwise, not only is Usher the new Michael Jackson, but he's also the new Boyz II Men AND the new Marvin Gaye. Or so says Alan Niester. Sort of.

Hey, remember, like, long ago when we were saying all those sorts of things about Justin Timberlake. That was, like, what? Er. Last year!? Whatever happened to J.Tim? (Oh.)

Otherwise has all the makings of a decent middleweight bout. But Usher can't seem to decide whether he wants to get in the ring or not (see also: here and here).

P.S. When did again become alright to want to be Michael Jackson?

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