Monday, August 9, 2004

Stretch it until it could be just about anything
The latest Canadian Idol odds:

Kalan Porter -125
Jason Greeley +400
Jacob Hoggard +500
Kaleb Simmonds +500
Elena Juatco +700
Theresa Sokyrka +1200
Shane Wiebe +2000

Medicine Hat Kalan should coast to victory. He's the Christian-Canadian Justin Timberlake. God help us. Abbotsford Jacob thinks he sounds like Matt Good. Which is unfair. To Matt Good. Still, he'll have a shot as long as the judges are willing to celebrate his continuing audition for one of the Comedy Network's myriad sketch shows. (Upper Island Cove Jason defies all explanation. The thousands of us lacking in bran must identify with his obvious constipation.)

Our nation's sweetest sweetheart and, as I will write eventually in some sort of mass-produced newsprint, Canadian Idol's lone hope for redemption/justification, Theresa Sokyrka, seems to be suffocating.


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