Saturday, August 21, 2004

She's going for speed
MuchMusic is pushing their little movie so, so hard. Ricky and Amanda, probably feel like they have to shower after all the shilling. Possibly together.

And they must feel especially dirty now that it's clear their bosses have laid an egg. Or so we're told:

"An inexplicably dated, sexist Porky's knockoff... none of it is anywhere near the land of funny!"
-Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail, 0 Stars

"If Going The Distance were a book, it would be dismissed immediately as an expensive, embarrassing exercise in vanity publishing!"
-Susan Walker, The Toronto Star, 1 Star

"Pretty stupid!"
-Liz Braun, The Toronto Sun, 2.5 Stars
(Note: elsewhere she, er, "jokes" that she's holding back so as not to anger the CHUM gods)

"Repulsive in just about every way!"
-Joel McConvey, Eye, 2 Stars

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