Friday, August 20, 2004

Pass the O.J. cos I got juice
Sorry, but were we out of town when everybody decided to organize some sort of anti-K-OS protest? Cos we totally over-looked the effigy burning of which he speaks on Joyful Rebellion's Crucial: "All round my hometown, they try to chop me down, but the truth will not forsake me." Er. What inspired this pity party? Where's the hate?

Clearly this is something buried deep in the past because dude's got MuchMusic on his sacroiliac. Eye's Stuberman absolutely lurves him. And even NOW's Tim Perlich is sorta impressed with the new disc. (Everybody else in this city just guests on his album.)

So I say, building on the continuing Billy Talent debate below, K-OS: Yay or Nay? That question open to all, not just people who pass such judgments for a living.

P.S. Maestro Fresh Wes v. K-OS. Who would you rather go see She Hate Me with?
P.P.S. And who would you rather see the Princess Diaries 2 with?
P.P.P.S. Or would you rather just stand them both up and go get drunk with Lindsay Lohan while Fez looks on?

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