Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kalan Porter, these are your fans
Since contract negotiations with Liss broke down (What? You want a signing bonus on top of my undying respect and admiration?! Pfft...), I was forced into action last week and decided to use the bully pulpit that is my place of work to broadcast my hateful language.

It's not hate, really. I kinda like Kalan. He's just rather boring. And yes, maybe there is that crush on Theresa, but I don't know what that has to do with anything.

Anyway. Canadian teens are an unruly bunch. And though it is often the least interesting of columnist tricks to fill space, here's a peak inside the mailbag - this week's batch just far too entertaining to be seen only by these jaded eyes. They're all good kids. And, god-willing, they'll remain so passionate (though maybe find more interesting people to be so passionate about).

A small sampling:

These people have feels. They are human like everyone else. How would you like if I just went around telling people that you were a geek? You have no respect for other people's feelings. Also how can you call Canadian Idol a failure. Millions of people watch every week. You disgust me and if it were up to me I would have you fired because you cannot go around saying the things that you did about the contestants on the Idol shows -Krystn

How dare you call our Idols, the best Idols ever, no-talent singers? I would LOVE to here you sing like Jacob, Kalan or Jason. BETCHA YOU CAN'T!! And Ryan Malcolm was not a mistake. Sure, the best singer didn't win, but he still is pretty good. He can sing, and he is loved by our country (Most of it). And, you are WAY WAY WAYYY to blunt in your article. Calling Ruban Studdard fat and sweaty... now that may be true, but you don't have to go and say it!! America thinks of him as there teddy bear. I don't. Personally I think he can't sing to save his life. But ya know, I'm Canadian, so who cares about my opinion. -Stephie

that is soo rude... if u dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all... like seriously... the idols are not by all means saying things about you are they??? they prolly dont even know you!!! all of us are discusted with your attemp to put the idols down...who are you to say those things you did... they dont trash u on CI or national tv do they??? - G

You must be a very terrible person to write such horrible things about people you do not even know. Obviously you are very jealous of the attention they all receive, and you will still be living on your meager wage writing these ridiculous articles while Kalan Porter is on his way to fame and fortune. It looks really good on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your life bashing people. I’m certain you will have a lot to explain to your maker when the time arrives. - Darrell

Please remind me how it is a bad thing that Kalan works on his family's farm, loves his parents, God and hockey? Are you looking for an Idol who sits on their bottom, hates his parents, is anti-religious and hates all forms of sports? What an excellent role model for Canadians, if you'll excuse my sarcasm. The boy is an excellent example of the average Canadian, and guess what else? He can sing. - McKenzie

Speaking about our judges, if they don't "f-ing care" than that's totally their problem. We are the people who vote, it's not they who decides who wins. So if we don't back up the person we vote for by buying their CDs when they win, than we can only blame ourselves when they become the next one-hit wonder (as for puppies, the way you've been talking, sounds like one just peed on the side of your leg). - Becky

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