Thursday, August 5, 2004

Just a thought
What if Canada had a Mercury Prize? What if a number (let's say 20) of Canada's music critics got together and decided to create such a thing? And what if the voting worked something like this: Each jury member nominates three Canadian albums from the last calendar year for consideration. Votes are tabulated and the top seven nominees (there would have to be some sort of tiebreaker we suppose) are determined. Those seven are then sent back to jury members, who would then rank those seven from first to last. Using a points system (seven for first, six for second...) a winner would then be determined. Some sponsorship could be found to involve a cash prize. Someone might organize a rousing little party to celebrate. Promotion virtually guaranteed through the country's biggest print media outlets. Needn't be a massive undertaking at first. But something vital to promote unique, creative and exciting music from our home and native land. (Needn't be a sales restriction like the Shortlist either. No need to limit it as such - especially as the voters will likely trend away from the big and commercial anyway. Otherwise, all genres and artists welcome.) Pretty straightforward, no? So why don't we do this?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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