Monday, August 16, 2004

It's TaipEi you idiot!
We haven't had time for much weekend reading of late. Forgive please. In rare moments of solitude we've managed to conclude/discover exactly nine items of note:
1. We don't like the new Arcade Fire album as much as Sean does.
2. We like the new Elliott Smith album more than Mark does.
3. But either way, we don't like or dislike nearly as much stuff as Alex Ross does.
4. Frank is a man of his word - and Wilco are coming back in the fall.
5. The blogosphere has a new snarker-in-chief.
6. Jay takes pretty pictures.
7. Carl writes interesting stories (even if he does pick on us in members-only Internet messageboards).
8. Celine Dion will never go away.
9. Johnny Cash was so better than us. All of us. Combined.

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