Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It's always mutual
The Hip finally explain their management situation and Karen Bliss is there to jot down every word.

Apparently, their split with Jake Gold (yes, that Jake Gold) "wasn't an acrimonious thing." But then Gord Sinclair sorta makes it sound kinda acrimonious. To wit:

"One of the bad habits we'd fallen into over a period of time was that we had less faith in the decisions that were being made on our behalf, in terms of what our business was. We were doing the same things over and over. So we really were looking for new management. We wanted to get a fresh perspective on what it was we do for a living in a business sense...

... The other great thing about Sam [Feldman] is he has a very broad outlook for what he's hoping to achieve with us. For the first time ever in our careers, we're actually sitting down and having long-term forecasting and strategizing on how we want to approach things, how we want to tour, how we want to record, the whens and the wheres. It's a great feeling for us to know there's someone looking down the road. We're at a stage in our career where a lot of people want to put us out to pasture."

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