Sunday, August 8, 2004

The Illusion of Exclusivity
An interesting piece (note to self: look into only posting interesting pieces here, thereby making the adjective moot) about Team Nellie's plans to conquer Britain from The Times:

Nevertheless, when she hits Britain next week, McKay will seem like a star. She will certainly be treated like one — put up in a top hotel, taken out to expensive restaurants, and perhaps be seen with some of Sony’s more famous signings. More importantly, she will be presented as a star to the press, radio and TV people queuing up to talk to her. So far, most requests to meet McKay have been turned down. The carefully orchestrated PR campaign means only a few choice features will run before the album is released. Her first radio and TV appearances will be just as controlled, turning McKay into a so-called “exclusive” before she has even released a record. If it’s starting to sound like a con, well, it is a little, although McKay’s record company would prefer to call it clever marketing.

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