Wednesday, August 4, 2004

I'd never seen a man's hair cry. Until tonight.
I was going to write that Jeff Tweedy looks unwell. But that's not right. It's just that he looks like he's gone through hell (chrome or otherwise). Well, sort of. He finds his happy place about four songs in. And then it's all smiles and sweat and squeals. Too many Puddle of Mudd fans in need of a mosh (note: the guitar solo is not always, as a general rule, cause for celebration). Still find the Mod Club a bit too dark. Or something. But otherwise more than splendid.

Anyway. I've decided that to enjoy Wilco you must ignore everything and at least grudgingly accept the idea of the unmade man. Take that for whatever it's worth.

Seen and/or heard: Jason Collett, Matthew Barber, Tony Clement (the best unemployed politician in Canada), Dave (who lived across the street from me when I was growing up in ye olde Ryegate), and an apologetic Sarah Liss (scroll down).

P.S. Why is this woman always on Ch. 39?
P.P.S. A friend reported from Bonnaroo that Tweedy looked fat. He was clearly high (the friend that is).

Update... August 5th, 4am EST...
A good guy named Lackner with a great review in The Globe and Mail
The Toronto Sun and Toronto Star chime in.

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