Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I ain't that cake
What gives with the new Amy Milan, you ask? Well. Apparently Amy put her solo stuff on hold for the Stars record. Something tells us we were once told that like six songs were done but that no release date is set. Or something. Liss or Tab prolly know betta.

Loose Fur:

Listen to the new Sarah Slean record here (dunno how I feel bout that cover art). k-os is going to be working with Kardinal on the next next record. In the meantime, Kill Bloodclot Kill is out there (but you probably already knew that). Indeed, there's a new Boy album coming. Will hopefully post a track here soon. Most of it falls somewhere between fourth-album Oasis and first-album Interpol. I hear Brenndan McGuire. Make of that what you will. And somebody tell me what happened on Canadian Idol... this dude is working the Sokyrka Watch, but he's in Japan.

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