Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hollywood Squares
Femme Generation - Emergency
Femme Generation - Honestly, Trudy

We feel like we should know far more about Toronto's Femme Generation than we do. We picked up (or at least had a friend pick up for us) their EP, Circle Gets The Square, rather blindly awhile back simply cos we liked how it looked. And it said "Limited Edition" on the front. We're suckers that way. Emergency immediately reminded us why we liked the Tangiers when we first heard them - all twitchy hormones. Honestly, Trudy is equally hormonal, but in an 17-year-old-boy-writing-in-his-journal-about-the-last-dance-at-the-prom sort of way. Or maybe a 26-year-old-boy-summoning-such-convictions sort of way. Either way, it's brilliant. And oh the promise of so much more is made again.

Liss says: "Literally packed with goodness, combining raw guitars with keyboard riffs that add an Atari-style loopy electro edge and should please those with a penchant for leg-warmers and asymmetrical haircuts... While there's a generous offering of crunchy amped-up tunes that'll get you sweaty, I dig slightly sweeter moments like the gently loping Honestly, Trudy, which is heartfelt but not maudlin and sounds a bit like Interpol with a pulse. Rarely is a six-song EP so fucking satisfying."

Wong says: "A robust collection, stretching its garage rock muscles into several flexible territories. The songs muse on modern media’s paranoia-making machine, segueing from Uncut-like rock dance, to Walkmen-like organ-backed indie and Zen-like, Sonic Youth-style psychedelia... The group even hits pop gold on "Honestly, Trudy," a bluesy Brit-pop number that seals the deal on Femme Generation’s viciously versatile arsenal of dirty guitars, experimentation and accessibility."

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