Thursday, August 19, 2004

Gorilla Head
Pitchfork shows a distinct lack of familiarity with Mississauga geography in a review of the Hidden Cameras' Mississauga Goddam. Unfortunately this had to happen. Sooner or later, rightly but more likely wrongly, someone was going to write the "This gay-church-folk-music schtick is so 2002" review. We defer to Mr. Gibb in this regard:

"I think a band with four boys dressed the same, playing the same boring instrument, that's a shtick that people don't even call a schtick because our society's still [considers] that normal. It's a schtick to mystify yourself by not looking at the audience, playing to each other, not to an audience. That's what creates the opposite atmosphere for us. Where there's a clear divide. We are the band. You are the audience. You pay your money. And you come and watch us. And that's it.

"So if it is a schtick, that's ok. Because at least my schtick isn't that kind of schtick."

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