Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Globe and Mail: Jazz must die
The latest in a periodic series - Ask him about jazz: 'They're killing it, man'

... He's not alone in his thinking, even if he's alone in thinking it out loud. "The jazz business has become institutionalized with these festivals," he observes, giving voice to a concern felt by many Canadian jazzers whose loyalties, like his own, are first and foremost to the music's creative rather than commercial imperatives. "It's like a pot-smoker I know who said [about marijuana], 'Whatever they do, I hope they never legalize it.' It's the same thing with jazz. They've legalized it, they've institutionalized it, and they're killing it, man."

That's perhaps an unfair charge to raise within hailing distance of the Markham festival, which is offering an intelligent, if conservative lineup largely free under Hal Hill's artistic direction from the non-jazz and near-jazz programming that characterizes so many Canadian festivals each summer -- and that rubs so many of the country's jazz musicians raw...

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