Sunday, August 8, 2004

Fighting the power (note: may not actually fight power)
Yeah, sure. But this?


Attention News & Entertainment Editors:

Canadian Musicians Take On Bush
Series of "Bush Fires" concerts kick-off at Lula Lounge in Toronto then head to Montreal, New York.

Prominent Canadian musicians, including Danny Michel, Ron Hawkins, Rita di Ghent and 80s Canadian music stars Martha & the Muffins are lending their talents to the movement to oust US President Bush.

Other Toronto performers include up and comers Menew, and Nine Mile, master underground rap artists the Dope Poets Society, along with djs Zahra & Medicineman. Internationally celebrated belly-dancer Roula Said will also be performing, along with well-known Toronto spoken word artist Dwayne Morgan.

They will perform in Toronto on Wednesday, August 18 and Thursday, August 19 at LULA LOUNGE, located at 1585 Dundas St. West (www.lula.ca).

Funds raised will help pay for buses heading down to the Republican National Convention in New York on August 29. Buses are being organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.

"The outcome of the US elections will have a big impact on Canada and the world. It's our duty to make it clear how we feel about the war-mongering policies of president Bush to our American brothers and sisters," said AAW organizer Shawn Whitney and Artistic Director of Lost Carnival Theatre...

Cheers to any and all who feel so moved as to try and change the world. But if some group of c-list American musicians showed up on Yonge St. tomorrow to make it clear how they feel about the mediocrity-mongering policies of Prime Minister Martin to their Canadian brothers and sisters, Martha & the Muffins and friends would be organizing another slew of concerts to protest such an insult to our sovereignty.

Not a fair comparison given America's SuperPowers and Canada's burgeoning irrelevance? Alright, so let's say several of Luxembourg's c-list musicians...

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