Tuesday, August 24, 2004

And then my head exploded
Broken Social Scene are now shilling for snowboard apparel. Crazy, yo.

"There is always one member of our group that is rocking DAKINE bags, belts, or hats,” adds Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene. “I just realized that Kevin Drew (lead singer for Broken Social Scene) has my DAKINE hoodie, but of course, he already has his own so that tells you how he feels about DAKINE. But I'm most fond of the large Split Roller, that bag is perfect for touring.”

They're also going Hollywood (North). Man. They've totally sold out to the man. Man.


Not only have our dear Broken Social Scene been working tirelessly on their new album but they are also just now completing the film score for THE LOVE CRIMES OF GILLIAN GUESS.

Directed by Bruce McDonald and staring Joely Collins, Hugh Dillon and Ben Bass, THE LOVE CRIMES OF GILLIAN GUESS is a wild ride through the mind of a real-life tabloid victim.

In 1995, Gillian Guess (Joely Collins) was a single mother raising her kids, lamenting her humdrum life. Then she reported for jury duty on a high-profile criminal case, slept with the accused, and became the centre of a media frenzy. Structured around Guess's appearance on a fictional talk show, the film shuttles between video, Super 8, and animation, and is McDonald's most freewheeling work to date.

Shot entirely in Vancouver, the film is set to premiere at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival.

Bruce's other films include Hard Core Logo, Dance Me Outside, Highway 61 and Roadkill.

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