Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Alright already
We like to keep our kudos to a quota so as not to seem particularly fawning or smitten. But Chromewaves done done it again. Or something. And here he reminds us of these (ie. new Nellie McKay tunes!).
Swoon. Columbia is Bleeding we heard live for the first time a month and a half ago. Mickey Mouse is, on first listen, wonderful (if crazy sounding). About John(Squared). And the Ralphinader. With what might be a prediction of Democratic defeat (?). Lyrics here.

Says Nellie:
"It's about the Democratic ticket. Someone has got to hold them accountable. Everytime I hear them speak, they make me want to vote for Nader. Why did they miss that vote on the gay marriage amendment? Because they're chicken."

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