Sunday, July 25, 2004

Weekend Reading
James Adams tracks Ken Walker's tears
Anthony DeCurties on Walker's Festival Express
Jason Anderson reviews Howie Beck
The Walkman is 25
The iPod is a security threat
And iWar looms
Kelefa Sanneh's Playlist with Devin the Dude, Nelly and the Bronx
Sanneh reviews the Hives
Joan Anderman does the same
While Steve Morse and Steve Jelbert interview them
Fefe Dobson parties like it's 1986
Return of the boy band bozos
How to give good guitar face
Toby Keith is a Democrat
Scissor Sisters on the edge
Camera Obscura under the influence
Minnie Driver as the new J.Lo
What the world needs now is Sir Mix-A-Lot
Alexis Petridis with McFly
Joss Stone's success considered
John The White Rapper: Furious
Robert Wyatt: The Mercury Prize Surprise
But is the Mercury obsolete?
Gretchen Wilson: The voice of trailer-trash America
Sacha Distel: Raindrops stop falling
Plus Weisblott, Pytlik, Chang, Wang, Ross, Matos, Jay, Ultragrrrl, Coolfer and Durst.

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