Monday, July 26, 2004

Editor's Note
So, as per a reader suggestion, I've given each entry its own unique page. Lemme know if that causes anyone problems. If it makes life easier, let me know that too.

Soon (or as soon as she sends her first dispatch along - hint! hint!), NOW's Sarah Liss will be occupying this space from time to time as PopWherry's Canadian Idol correspondent - gazing into the emptiness of Ben Mulroney so you don't have to. If the writing gets a lot better around here, it'll be her fault.

In other news, my situation at the National Post (you know, that place where I actually get paid for my aimless ramblings) will be changing slightly in the near future - I'll be moving a few cubicles over to do some sports writing (oh stop laughing). I shall still appear Mondays as the Post's pop music critic. But otherwise I'll be standing around in a locker room with a bunch of naked men (so not all that unlike my normal weekday evenings). Not sure how this will affect current blogging patterns. In fact, I don't even know why I'm telling you all this. But there you go.

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