Monday, May 17, 2004

You put the Uperstar in Superstar
So, despite all the disenfranchised voters, Fantasia's going to win American Idol right? To be honest I haven't watched the show much, but Chang convinced me to give it another shot. And I've come to really like that Fantasia. She might just save that franchise for me. It's produced one colossal bore after another. But this girl's got some personality. And a great name. And she just might be a wee bit crazy. Oh, and she can sing too.

Anyway. The WB's Superstar USA is so bloddy mean, it's genius. Mrs. PopWherry argues it's taking advantage of these poor souls, but let's not forget that all are willing participants. And all believe themselves to be truly talented.

Alright. Yeah, I'm not even convinced by that argument. But it's at least hysterical in its cruelty (unlike say The Swan - which is just gross). And it's brought Vitamin C back to our televisions. What more could you possibly ask of a two-bit faux-reality TV show?

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