Monday, May 24, 2004

Worst. Concert. Ever.
During a concert at the Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino, Jewel, reportedly, poked fun at fat people and those with no teeth, asked the audience to "shut the hell up," offered a ten minute discussion of Zoloft and Paxil, told people to stop looking at her teeth and start looking at her breasts, stopped in the middle of Who Will Save Your Soul because the audience was singing along, wouldn't allow smoking or drinking, and explained that all those who partake of such activities are sinners. Oh, and for the encore, she came out and yodelled for a minute and then left the stage.

Some fans, including a woman who drove down from Canada to hear the snaggle-toothed songbird, are pissed. Worst Jewel Concert Ever, say they.

Best Jewel Concert Ever, say the rest of us.

Anyway. Jewel is the new Courtney Love.

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