Monday, May 17, 2004

Why'd you have to go and make things so carbohydrated?
Avril blames crap lyrics on crap food.

Also in that report, Avril on Marilyn:
“When we’re in the same city we get together and he’s so cool. One time, we hung out in his room and watched movies. I went to his show a couple of times and we hung out on the tour bus after. When we’re together it’s really cool because we just sit there and totally talk. It’s so healthy when I can sit down and talk to another artist who’s doing what I’m doing.”

Ah. But let's remember, for a moment, Marilyn on Avril:
"She came to one of my shows and we met backstage and I thought she was very, very strange, because she really doesn't have anyone babysitting her. There weren't any bodyguards and I don't know whether that was impressive because she was independent, or strange because she doesn't know that somebody might kidnap her, cut off her toes and sell them to someone like me on E-bay. I found her to be nice... but strange. And it's very impressive of her to hang out with me with dildocam around. No good can come of that, can it?"

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