Sunday, May 23, 2004

Weekend Reading
New Music West seems to be in some trouble.
Morrissey announces his death to The New York Times.
Elsewhere the Times explores reggae's Real Rock.
Don't call it a gimmick: Jaime Cullum continues his "Look At Me! I Can Cover Cole Porter AND The Neptunes" tour.
Maroon 5's Adam Levine takes a stand: "Pop is beautiful. We're not afraid of that word."
Another Stephen Merritt feature, another interview in a seedy bar.
Chris Martin is already a shit father.
Ash was very nearly an Iron-Maiden influenced band called Vietnam.
Britney smokes pot. Almost falls down stairs.
There's a new music industry blog called Sellout Central (via Coolfer).
Stereogum has lots of good stuff.

David Enders, 23, decided to go to Baghdad a year ago and start a news magazine. Here's what he's learned (via A&LD).

Oh... by the way, Nick Hornby wrote a little piece about rock music. And somehow managed to piss off, like, everybody.

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