Saturday, May 1, 2004

Weekend Reading
Chart says Melissa Auf Der Maur is looking to revive The Fucking Virgins supergroup with James Iha, Ryan Adams and Evan Dando.
In less exciting revival news: Menudo.
Remember Joey McIntyre?
Somebody finally asks D12 some questions.
Mike Skinner (The Streets) is the new Dostoevsky.
Little late on finding this, but The Guardian caught up with British Sea Power in Prague.
The Times watches Katy Rose smoke a fag.
The geekiest tale of musical geekdom you'll read this year.
The Independent finds Graham Coxon "painfully self-conscious and shyer than a country mouse" but also "newly liberated."
The Star's Vit Wagner says Broken Social Scenes' Bee hives is an "absorbing assemblage."
Carl Wilson allows some hometown pride.
Ray Charles vows a comeback.
The Darkness prepare to rock Verdun.
Britney Spears wants to lose ten pounds. Oh, and get a puppy and go to South Africa and maybe star in a movie with George Clooney... (via PopDirt)
Alex Kapranos just wants us to download the Franz Ferdinand record (via Coolfer).
The Smoking Gun connects a few more of the dots in the strange case of Murder Inc. and Kenneth McGriff.
And ever wondered who it was on the cover of the Lostprophets' last album? Nope, us neither. But apparently it was Justin Timberlake (via PopDirt).

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