Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Viral Initiatives
Highlights of the Beastie Boys publicity campaign for To the 5 Boroughs (taken from recent promotional material)...

-Ch-Check It Out single debuted on episode of The O.C. and was the #1 Most Added at Rock and #2 Most Added Overall - Week of Release - April 28th
-Ch-Check It Out video directed by longtime collaborator Nathaniel Hornblower - Premiered on all video formates with Heavy rotations Out of the Box - April 29th
-Various multi formate mainstream and campus radio promotions - June
-Network radio specials - June

-Major street marketing including club/skateboard/life style/culture outlets
-Various club vinyl, remixes including major re-mix DJ competitions and launch events

New Media:
-Extensive on-line/viral initatives May/June/July
-Major portal features - i.e. Yahoo etc - June/July

-Extensive TV/radio/print buys (music, lifestyle, street) - June/July/August
-Street snipes/postering/graffiti - June/July

-Extensive window/listening post campaigns - June/July
-Major New Release and Catalogue campaign - May/June/July
-Clean/Vinyl available on S.I.S.

-Confirmed covers and/or major features in Chart (July), Peace (June), Strut, Exclaim, Pound, Blender, Rolling Stone, Spin, The New Yorker, etc.
-Toronto in-market promotion - including special appearances - June 2004 - TBC
-Major US TV performances throughout the summer

-World tour begins in August 2004
-Canadian dates to be announced soon!

... Catalogue will be available at 18% discount...

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