Friday, May 21, 2004

The Velvet Revolver Traveling Caravan of Rock Cliche
Notes from today's press conference with Slash, Duff, Scotty 2 Hotty and the boys...

-At first Scott Weiland wasn't sure "the world was ready for a rock n' roll band."
-But "music is the soundtrack of our lives."
-And "rock n' roll is the energy that fuels us."
-Says Weiland, "Music is my life."
-Plus, they "don't give a shit."
-When they perform together it's like "lightning in a bottle."
-When they decided to form a band they knew they had to "go for the jugular."
-Weiland came clad in hat, sunglasses and scarf and noted that he would not be speaking too much because he had to rest his voice
-He then chainsmoked like a 56-year-old granny in the middle of a particularly stressful round at the bingo hall.
-Question of the day: To guitarists Slash and Dave Kushner, "What is your guitar soloing philosophy?"
-When Duff went back to school a few years ago to get his degree (a four-year, he noted), all the kids would come up to him and tell him that their generation was lacking a great rock band. He suggested Queens of the Stone Age.
-Weiland is quite confident that Velvet Revolver can be the Pixies for the next Nirvana
-New bands that impress him: Jet, Loudermilk (now Gosling), and Pretty Girls Make Graves
-Weiland stands by his refusal to speak with the press. But he had already committed to today's conference and he is "a man of his word." Though if anyone were to dwell on his past, he would be forced to say "fuck you" and walk away.
-Finally, they don't come to Toronto for the pot, they come for "the pussy."

Everything else you could possibly ever want to know about these guys can be distilled from Elizabeth Bromstein's piece in the latest Now.

Says Duff: "Most of us have died at some point or another. Slash has died, like, four times. He's so hardcore, that guy."

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