Friday, May 14, 2004

Lovin' It
A few of the first reviews for Leslie Feist's Let It Die to appear on this side of the Atlantic. More to follow, surely.

Now - Sarah Liss - 4/5
She interprets covers and originals with the emotional insight of a trained jazz singer, while producers Jason "Chilly Gonzales" Beck and Manu Chao's Renaud Lang frame Feist's dark bedroom tunes with delicately detailed arrangements – from the muttered background vocals, chimes and handclap percussion of lead single Mushaboom to the tiny gospel choir backing the buoyant take on Ron Sexsmith's Secret Heart. C'est formidable.

Eye - Stuart Berman - 4.5/5
The song forms she uses -- folk, bossa, disco -- may be traditional, even anachronistic, but she fills them with sultry shots of cigarette smoke that lend even the most familiar of settings an alluring mystique.

Chart - Lauren Ferranti
Elegance breathes amid sparse vocal and acoustic guitar arrangements, organ swells, happy hand claps and finger snaps.

And the only English-language review I've been able to find from the other side of the ocean:

The Observer - 3/5

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