Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Like a fiddle
Avril Lavigne has an album to promote. And entertainment reporters of the world are always only too happy to help.

So when she says something sassy about Britney Spears, people like MSNBC's gossip columnist Jeanette Walls will get all giddy about it and report these comments like they're news. Oooh that Avril. She's so hard. So controversial. So sassy.

Her latest comments, as reported by Walls:

“’I mean, the way Britney dresses, would you walk round the street in a f------ bra? You won’t see me on stage in a sexy outfit or my hair in ribbons. If that’s what someone wants to do then so be it, but I wouldn’t be seen dead looking like that.”

She added that Britney dances "like a ho."

Oooh. So tough that Avril. This will no doubt be picked-up by other outlets and repeated in the days to come. Because, of course, it's important news of a timely nature. Especially because she's never said anything like this before...

Avril Lavigne to Chart Magazine, April 19, 2002:

"I mean, the way she dresses — would you walk around the street in a fuckin' bra? I'm not trying to dis anyone, but with me, the clothes I wear onstage are the clothes I would wear to school or go shopping. I'm not gonna go up onstage and dress different. Britney Spears goes up onstage and dresses like a showgirl. She's not being herself up there because she's dancing like a ho. Is she ho? She says she's a virgin. Y'know, it's just not clicking. She's doing one thing and saying another thing, y'know? It's definitely not what I'm going to do."

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