Thursday, May 6, 2004

Good, genuine feeling in the world
I sincerely hope Jeff Chang isn't being ironic here. Cos I dare say I was moved:

"At the risk of sounding crazy or duped, it feels like American Idol gives all of us what we need. No matter how we feel politically in this polarized time, it goes a little way toward restoring what Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld have torn away from us in their plunge toward Middle East destabilization since January of 2001--the impulse toward connection and community, away from the gruesome crimes of competition and avarice, and the need to know that there is in fact good, genuine feeling in the world between people."

Footnote, 11:19pm EST...
In other Idol chatter (get it? oh, nevermind...), 155 lucky (?) souls will be in Toronto next week for "an intensive, four-day elimination round" to decide the final 32 who will make up the contestants for this year's Canadian Idol. The first episode, detailing the cross-country auditions, will air June 1 at 8pm on CTV. Maybe then they'll let us know whatever happened to Ryan Malcolm...

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