Saturday, May 22, 2004

Fuck the cottage, let's spend the long weekend in this hotel basement
The trucker hat must die. But we'll forgive Kevin Drew because he and his band sing songs that make people hug. And dance. Sometimes simultaneously. While crying.

Second of two semi-secret, sorta-invite-only Broken Social Scene shows this evening at The Drake. Found their sweet spot around the time Jason Collett stepped to the fore (ask him where to find the best horse steak - "like butter" - in the city). Little game of Name That Song. John Crossingham channeling Chris Murphy. Collett doing Glad Girls. A nouveau disco. And Amy Milan's head nearly exploded during Anthems (with Julie Penner on violin).

All while Red Dawn played on the big screen — Swayze, Sheen and Caroline in the City killing them some commies.

End of a metaphorical chapter perhaps? Could've sworn I heard the promise of something new by the fall.

Concluded the man doffing his Trucker Hat, "You were perfect. And we had our doubts... stick around for some great reggae."


Unanswered questions:

Has Sarah Slean dyed her hair black?

Was that Sook-Yin Lee down near the stage?

And was the girl from the cappuccino commercial begging Remedios for a guest spot on the next album?

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