Friday, May 14, 2004

Desperate cries for attention
A compendium of Avril Lavigne's recent exploits:

May 2: Claims bar fighting prowess in interview with the London Times.
May 5: Bemoans punk label on Radio 1
May 6: Tells Capital FM she loves to get trashed.
May 7: Expresses wish to record with the Darkness.
May 8: Makes out with that short guy from Sum 41 who used to make out with Paris Hilton.
May 8: Tells CNN she's involved in a horror movie project.
May 9: Tells German TV she once kissed a girl.
May 10: Claims skateboard as dinner table.
May 12: Calls Britney Spears a "ho."
May 12: Dismisses autograph seeker with "No, you'll just fu**ing sell it on ebay!" Then flips off paparazzi.
May 12: Complains that bodyguards are chasing the boys away.
May 14: Claims Canada is "too cold."

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