Saturday, May 1, 2004

Christina Aguilera/Carmelo Anthony Non-Existent Love Affair UPDATE!!
-Daytona Beach News-Journal columnist Ken Hornack suggests non-existent love affair to blame for poor performance from Carmelo Anthony:
"... and Carmelo Anthony goes 1-for-16 Tuesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Maybe 'Melo was distracted by a report that he was dating pop diva Christina Aguilera..."

-FoxSports advises Carmelo to lie about non-existent love affair:
"'Melo has publicly denied that he was dating Christina Aguilera. Even if it's not true, why deny it? "

-Non-existent love affair sparks debate on interracial dating.

-Non-existent love affair inspires WPTV NewsChannel 5 sports director Ben Becker to make unfunny joke:
"Did you hear that Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony might be dating Christina Aguilera? Who is getting the better end of that deal? Aguilera gets street cred, and Carmelo gets ... well ... the kiss off the glass."

-And the columnist who broke the story of the non-existent love affair? Well, uh, he's, uh, really sorry bout that:
"Oops: I got one wrong. A note in my column last week reported that pop singer Christina Aguilera is a girlfriend of Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets. My source had it wrong and I had it wrong. My apologies to all."

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