Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Black as I wanna be
Ernest Hardy, in a piece for LA Weekly (via PopDirt), on the conveniently multi-racial Justin Timberlake:
Meanwhile, Jackson’s Super Bowl accomplice, young master Timberlake, has proven himself to be the bitch-made-pop-star you always knew he was. As though aiming to get his own chapter in Greg Tate’s book Everything but the Burden: What White People Are Taking From Black Culture, Timberlake shed all wigger affectations the moment he felt the heat of real controversy. He dropped the hip-hop gear, grabbed a suit and tie, and literally held his mommy’s hand as he strolled into this year’s Grammy Awards, where he all but burst into tears as he apologetically explained onstage how he’d been bamboozled into taking part in Janet’s shameful shenanigans. Poor thing.

Chris Rock made a similar observation at last year's MTV Music Awards about J.T.'s sudden whiteness on an episode of Punk'd.

Otherwise Hardy's piece is a spirited defence of Janet. But if you're looking for still more reasons to hate Justin Timberlake, might I suggest these.

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