Saturday, April 24, 2004

Weekend Reading
The Globe's Simon Houpt gets Diana Krall drunk in New York.
Guy Dixon discusses rock stars in therapy.
Brad Wheeler manages to write something about Kevin Breit without saying anything the least bit snarky about Norah Jones.
The London Free Press' James Reaney gives a lot of thought to that awful line about Canada in Sloan's The Rest of My Life.
The Sun's Mary Dickie thanks heaven for Kraftwerk.
The NYT reveals that Michael Jackson's indictment may in fact harm his music career.
Alexis Petridis takes on grime fans, but loves the new Wiley album (via NYLPM).
Liz Larin and the White Stripes are the big winners at this year's Detroit Music Awards.
Ten years in, Supergrass (who?) are content to be Britain's fifth favourite band.
The biggest band in Moscow? Chechnya's Myortviye Delfini.
The Independent discovers Buck 65.
The Village Voice discovers Fefe Dobson.
And Douglas Wolk has some recommendations.

The Globe digs a little deeper into the Mike Danton case.
The Tip Drill controversy continues, including this classic piece of PR BS from an BET flack:
'Uncut' has developed an almost cult-like following because of the freedom of artists to express themselves." (Italics mine). This is, remember, a controversy over Uncut's insistence on airing a video that features Nelly swiping a credit card through a women's, uh, cheeks.
Some guy named Ben Welsh reimagines Wilco's A Ghost is Born (and apparently he's got it up on slsk).
Christina Aguilera is dating Carmelo Anthony. Supposedly.
Somehow we slept on the Julian Fantino v. 50 Cent beef.
And things are getting tres gossipy in the Comments section.

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