Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Reality isn't reality
An e-mail making the rounds:

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Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 5:06 PM
Subject: Help Save Canadian Music

Hello there

With the state of present consumer demand for what some consider reality conceptual television shows and world-related government agendas, reality isn't reality anymore.

In the Canadian Music Industry, our reality and agenda is to be a viable force domestically and internationally and to ensure we support our artists and industry from within first and foremost, while at the same time giving the Canadian consumer what they want.

On March 31st, 2005, FACTOR's contract with the Department of Canadian Heritage expires and without this program and funding being stabilized the Canadian Music Industry is in jeopardy.

Without stabilization, many great albums won't be recorded; domestic and international tours will often be impossible. Canadian music won't be showcased and supported internationally to the degree it is today. And then there's the trickle down effect that includes recording studios and engineers, video producers and directors, agents and managers, independent labels, publicists and publishers, concert promoters and club venues from coast to coast, cd manufactures and distributors, live production companies and crews, vehicle rental companies, hotel and accommodation providers, equipment manufacturers and retail music stores.

FACTOR is the launch pad of tomorrow's stars. It's the place where an artist can receive a solid ground starting point and where they can enhance their budgets drastically on marketing and promotion, touring, recording, press kits, small business development and the list continues. In the Canadian music scene, approx. 60% of professional artists have received funding through FACTOR at some point in their career and approx. 49% of this year's Juno Nominee list are funding recipients.

As you are reading this letter, please think for one moment about the list of artists and industry that you personally know, that would never have achieved their level of recognition and success without the financial support of the FACTOR programs. And now take another moment to think about what present and future projects you are planning in which you are hoping to obtain financial assistance from FACTOR.

Welcome to reality.

A group of industry peers have rallied together to see what we can do about convincing the new Liberal Government to continue the funding. Not an easy task but we are committed. We are coming to you, as a representative of the Canadian music community, to help us in our endeavors. Guaranteed this is not a hot topic of conversation or debate in City Halls or on Parliament Hill at this present time. We want it to be. We are requesting that you send a letter to the local, regional and provincial MPs making them aware of our concerns, as well as passing this letter along to your contacts and peers. We will provide you with the names and contact information of the Members of Parliament for your province, as well as the basic form letter, but we'd like you to personalize it with your own FACTOR-related examples of support received and results obtained.

A website www.savecanadianmusic.com has been designed to give you the tools to get involved. It will give you contact information for your local MP, the stats on what FACTOR gives to the industry and what the committee is committing to do. There will also be a discussion form where everyone is welcome to put his or her two cents in.

Let's ensure that the Government is at least aware of this serious problem and through seeing how the community has rallied together, hopefully realize that they should stabilize the FACTOR funding programs.

Please assist us and thus making reality a realization. For further information, contact: inquiries@savecanadianmusic.com

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