Thursday, April 8, 2004

The man in the mask will have the JD with a coke chaser
MF Doom feature next week in Wednesday's Post.

For now, a teaser:

Q: Do you see yourself as a villain?
A: That's something I contemplate every day - you know what I mean? Alright yo. The whole villain shit. At a time when I wasn't doing no records and I was off the label and shit, the word villain emerged in New York slang. 'That shit is villain.' It was one of those phrases. It popped up for a second and kinda disappeared. So it was one of those rare joints that we always used to say, me and my brother, Sub. Like when you say something is villain, it's something to be appreciated in the villainy of it - like, 'Wow, he went around everything.' That was villain. So I said, 'Let me keep that yo - that's me,' you know what I mean? Something about that just feels like me. At the same time, on another level to incorporate it into the music - the villain is always looked at as the bad guy. There's always the hero and then there's the villain. But you can't have the hero without the villain. Somebody's going to tie the girl to the tracks and somebody's going to make off with her. So, you know, the hero's always boasting and bragging. So I look at it like - in the hip-hop joint, you got heroes already, but nobody's really representing the villain. Everybody wants to be the ill dude - dude with the abs, and he's fucking cut, the fucking fly guy with the fucking girls and all that shit. So, I'm alike, alright cool. That's cool. But there's nobody to represent the villain. The guy who didn't get the girl this time. You know what I mean? That guy needs to be represented. And that's me. So I said, 'Look I'm gonna rep for people like me.' You know, the guy might have a little gut. But he can get money though. There's something that he's good at. He'll always go and get it. And he'll always come back. Like in the case of Dr. Doom - he always came back. His plan might have gotten thwarted, but he always came back. And that's something that could raise a lot of spirits. We got a lot of brothers and sisters that are teenagers and at that age range when they're trying to find their way - but you know that if you don't find your way, don't give up, keep going. So I'm speaking for them cats that need to hear that. Not like, 'I'm always fly. I'm always going to win.' And I think there's more of us than them anyway.

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