Monday, April 5, 2004

Kurt Cobain: Rest in Pieces
"He would hate this," observes David Segal in The Washington Post. Not that that's going to stop anyone.

The Australian: Nevermind the hype
The Age: Superhero, lazy for life
Seattle Times (Charles R. Cross): A life 10 years gone
Seattle Post-Intelligencer I: Art shows flip side of his genius
Seattle Post-Intelligencer II: Legacy endures
Sunday Herald (Eugene Kelly): Kurt & Me
Sydney Morning Herald I: Kurt so good
Sydney Morning Herald II: Cobain lives on in memory
BBC I: Torment of rock hero Cobain*
BBC II: The Kurt I knew
BBC III: On the road with Nirvana
BBC IV: In pictures
Associated Press: Did more than entertain us
UK Sun: Last great rock hero
UK Times: Mr Kurt, he dead
Rolling Stone: Nirvana Anthology
NME I: Your 20 Favourite Songs
NME II: My Nirvana: Evan Dando
NME III: My Nirvana: Lars Ulrich
NME IV: 'He didn't give a shit'
MuchMusic: 10 Years After**
MTV: Days of Thunder
Calgary Sun: The life of Kurt Cobain
Tacoma News Tribue: What was, what might have been
MSNBC: Cobain lives on in his music
ABC: Tortured legacy
Alameda Times-Star: Legacy of unfulfilled potential
Winston Salem Journal: Songs should be what fans remember
Houston Chronicle: Undiminished as rock icon
Port Huron Times Herald: Fans inspired by Nirvana leader
Stuff (New Zealand): Ten years today since Cobain died
Muslim WakeUp!: Ten Years Later
Boston Phoenix: Ten years gone
No Rock & Roll Fun I: I Remember Kurt
No Rock & Roll Fun II: I think I tried
Blogcritics I: A crappy excuse for an icon
Blogcritics II: Ten Years Gone

STILL MORE... updated at 5:25pm EST...
Launch Yahoo: His History and Legacy
Globe and Mail: Struggling to face the music
San Francisco Chronicle I: Ten Years Ago
San Francisco Chronicle II: Britney to answer for
Boston Globe: On the cusp of fame
Seattle Times: A rising rock star
Cherry Hill Courier Post: Influence on music, style
MTV: A hip-hop writer remembers
Ireland Online: Fans mark anniversary
Miami Herald: Cobain conspiracy II
Manila Times: Smells like dead spirit

And let's not forget this, this and, unfortunately, this.

*"Send your tributes to Kurt Cobain" reads an option on the BBC page. Rather unfortunate wording. Unless, of course, Ouija boards now accept e-mail.
**The New Music special airs tonight - in Canada at least - at 9:30pm EST.

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