Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The king is dead. Long live the king
Forget Britney's pseudo-suicide, Jay-Z done had himself killed.
Premiered last week in New York, the new video for Jay-Z's 99 Problems is now online.
Remarkable stuff. Repeated viewings required. Especially cos you might never see the full thing on TV.
"Now I'm having trouble with BET and MTV," Jay-Z told the press on Thursday, sighting concerns about the video's content (including Jay-Z being gunned down, full frontal male nudity and Rick Rubin lookin' effin' cray-zay). "I feel like Madonna."
Further to the symbolic murder angle:
"Jay-Z is finished, that's what the video is all about," says his spokeswoman Jana Fleishman. "He is now Shawn Carter."

P.S. Seriously. Is that Vincent Gallo making a cameo near the end?

UPDATE, 2:35am EST...
Yes, apparently it is.

And it's all done by the same director, Mark Romanek, who shot Johnny Cash's Hurt (as well as One Hour Photo starring Robin Williams, and just about every cool music video not yet made by Spike Jonze or Chris Cunningham).

P.S. He also, apparently, directed a 1985 film called Static, about "a quirky, out-of-of place worker at a crucifix factory in the Bible Belt [who] invents a device he claims can show pictures of Heaven." Anybody got a copy?

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