Friday, April 30, 2004

I hate my affiliation
Dear Liberals...

Remember how upset you get everytime Bush uses 9/11 for political gain? How outrageous you find it to see someone using the deaths of others to further an agenda?

Well, you're entirely right. It is disgusting.

Thing is, you're equally guilty in this regard.

Matt Good pontificating on the death of Pat Tillman: "Pat Tillman was the casualty of a lie, which makes him no different than any young man or woman that is killed protecting that lie. The fact that he walked away from millions of dollars to do it makes his death no more pointless or worth mentioning. The media in the States, whose first obligation is to sell their product, have turned Tillman into a martyr while the reality of what Tillman died defending never makes the front page."

And here is Pat Tillman as an example of Sport's involvement in the vast right-wing conspiracy (via Good).

Now this.

How bout taking the high road on this? Mourning. Offering some condolences. Freely noting the courage of Tillman's convictions. And then gently noting that hundreds and thousands of other people have lost their lives in the war on terror and we owe them as well our thoughts and prayers.

Whether you agree with his views, you have to, at the very least, admire Tillman's sacrifice for and devotion to his cause. Tillman believed that he truly was lending a hand to protect his fellow men and women. And for that he was willing to give his life.

Isn't the standard liberal position that you are against the war, but, regardless, support the troops who, rightly or wrongly, are charged with serving your country?

Anyway. If the conservatives want to turn Tillman into a rallying symbol, so be it (to be fair, I really don't think they have done so as egregiously as you might think). Aren't liberals supposed to be above such selfish, careless politics?

P.S. What if Pat Tillman had walked away from football to become an anti-war advocate and ended up in Kabul as part of an NGO humanitarian operation? What if then he'd been felled by an Al-Qaeda or Taliban attack? What would Good and the rest be saying then?

Footnote, 8:47pm, EST...
For maybe the best idea so far for handling the issue of the mounting Iraqi death toll, see this evening's Nightline.

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