Friday, April 2, 2004

Listening to The Organ's debut full-length, Grab That Gun...
They still sound sorta like "that" band. Haven't yet decided whether this is a virtue or vice. Or whether any of that really matters once you get to track nine and hear Katie coo "Sometimes I close my eyes and you're not very pretty."

They're Interpol's sad, bratty little sisters. And so far left of our left coast, they might as well be Communist - or at least East German. Mike Myers could have had them on Sprockets.
"we... have got-to take co-ver, bro-ther"... "one look at you and they're suddenly covered in shrapnel too"... "my neck hurts"... "no one has ever looked so dead"... "although our hands barely touched, I've never felt so much"...
High School totally sucked.

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