Wednesday, April 28, 2004

He likes us. He really, really likes us.
Dunno why this is news. Though this is Canada so you can never discount those chronic feelings of inadequacy.

Anyway. Prince on Toronto:

"I love Toronto. It's cosmopolitan. There's all sorts of different kinds of people everywhere you go in Toronto, there's all sorts of great music, great restaurants, great night spots that don't respond to a lot of American playlists and have playlists which I really dig. It's a real melting pot in every sense of the word."

All of which reminds me of an exchange during an interview Nardwuar once did with Gene Simmons. This is certainly the first, and maybe the last, time I will defer to Gene Simmons on a point of national significance, but here goes...

Nardwuar: Gene Simmons, in your book, you mention your first groupie conquest being in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
GS: True. (Smiles) I never learned her name though. But that's true.

Nardwuar: I was interested about that, like Edmonton, Alberta. Canada! Some props for Canada, Gene Simmons!
GS: Yeah. What is this Canadian obsession with trying to tug on people's shirtsleeves and say "Canada! Canada!" What is that? Like, you know, if you go to somebody from Europe and say "So, uh, you're in New York now," nobody's gonna say, "So, what do you think of our city?" Who cares what anybody thinks? You should be proud of this country, you've got a lot of land, great looking girls, it's everything to be proud of. Stop whining to foreigners! "What do you think, Sudbury? What do you think?" Cut it out! It's embarassing.

Still, the thought of Prince on Speaker's Corner is pretty friggin' cool.

P.S. Do you think Prince drives? When he says he sometimes wants to "stop the car" does he mean he'd like to have the driver stop the car? Or does he actually get behind the wheel? And, if so, what kind of driver is he?

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