Friday, April 30, 2004

He likes us. He really, really likes us. (II)
Forget Prince, Elvis Costello loves us now too. Or at least Diana Krall is pretty sure he likes us. We should really just ask him ourselves. But anyway...
The Toronto Sun's got the scoop:

Diana Krall wouldn't say exactly what British hubby Elvis Costello thinks of his adopted home of Canada

The couple divides their time between places on Vancouver Island, New York and Dublin.

"You have to ask him that -- I think he likes it," she told The Sun yesterday. "I can't speak for him. We both spend a lot of time in British Columbia and I think he helped me see to not be afraid to express things that were familiar to me, that they're a little more exotic now coming home than they were when I was growing up with them. Not a lot of people have been travelling in a sea plane. That's not something that's very common for a lot of New Yorkers."

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