Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Happy now?
(Too) Many people directed here looking for info on Alanis Morissette's little nipple protest during Sunday's Junos.
I suspect this has much to do with a certain Southern Cowboy and his breathless report. (Note the time on his report. About 16 hours after the actual thing took place.)
Have we really gotten to the point where criticism of the United States requires a bulletin on Drudge? Remember when Drudge was all about breaking important news, like oral sex in the Oval Office?
She said much worse to The Globe's Simon Houpt. Er. Sort of.
Seems Houpt found her as elusive a spirit as I did. But he did get some vaguely anti-Bush rhetoric out of her. Cheers to that.
Go get her Drudge, you big important Internet maverick. Maybe she helped the Clintons kill Vince Foster too. Or maybe it was Janet Jackson on the grassy knoll.

P.S. I, for one, was just proud to hear someone on television actually utter the phrase "pubic hair." Cheers to that too.

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