Monday, April 26, 2004

An experiment in pure texture
Paper Bag's FemBots get the Pitchfork endorsement.

Footnote, 11:42pm EST....
And just announced by PaperBag:

Releasing on May 4, 2004, Uncut make their full length debut on Paper Bag Records entitled “Those Who Were Hung Hang Here”.

This is a story of fortunate chemistries, of promising beginnings and waylaid expectations. A story that once seemed prematurely doomed to a somewhat bittersweet, but wholly unfulfilling end. It is also, however, a story of soldiering on, of rebirth and great things to come.

One of Eye Magazine’s bands to watch for in 2003, little was heard from them while they went through turmoil of losing a member during the middle of the writing process and having to regroup and finally record a highly anticipated album.

Uncut’s brooding; sharp-edged grind often recalls the last two eras where rock drew renewed energy from a dalliance with dance music. Influenced from My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division to the likes of Mike Ink and Michael Mayer, Uncut share a desire to merge the song structure and aggression of punk rock with the precision pulse of modern dance music.

When Uncut released their debut single “Understanding The New Violence” in 2002, it immediately took to audiences and was play listed by discerning tastemakers like Tiga, DJ Hell and Miss Kittin. Everything was falling into place for Uncut in 2003 but then, turmoil…Jake Fairley, one of the founding member’s leaves to pursue his solo career.

Undeterred and encouraged by supporters, Ian Worang pulled together “a bunch of guys I know” (Jon Drew, Sam Goldberg and Derek Tokar) and set about reconfiguring Uncut as a more traditional, four-piece rock band. An incarnation of the band that is, if anything, a more formidable unit than its predecessor.

Uncut deals in a dynamic breed of low-slung, noise-charged menace. The overt electronic influence is fainter, although the fat, fearsome grooves and nagging pop melodies remain.

This isn’t revisionism, though. This isn’t “retro”, “disco-punk” or “Nu Wave.” This is something decidedly now.

This is the new violence.

Uncut Tour Dates

June 2 – Ottawa – Zaphods – w/ Tangiers
June 4 – Toronto – Horseshoe Tavern – w/ Tangiers
June 9 – Detroit – Lager House – w/ DFA
June 12 – Toronto – Studio 99
June 24 – Hamilton – The Underground – w/ Tangiers
June 26 – Montreal – Green Room – w/ Tangiers

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