Sunday, April 18, 2004

Did I say that out loud?
The trenchant political analysis continues from, uh, Barlow.

In our last episode, the little-known Canadian pop star was asked to pose with the Prime Minister (only, of course, after some thorough blog-reading on the part of the PMO) during a Juno Awards event in Edmonton.

Now, in episode two, Barlow is whisked on stage (as Martin makes his exit) and asked to explain the importance of voting.

While on stage, Barlow explains, Paul Martin had been asked to discuss the recent court decision on downloading. According to Barlow, before responding, the Prime Minister, offered a disclaimer, explaining that he is "not in a position to comment." He then launched into a vow to save our beleaguered recording industry.

So next Barlow is asked to respond to the Prime Minister's comments, to which the spiky-haired one concludes:

"Mr. Prime Minister, if you're not in a position to comment... shut the fuck up."


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