Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Bad is the new Good
Preliminary ratings for this year's Junos. Good news! They're, uh, down.

From CTV:

Toronto, Ontario (April 5, 2004) - Last night's CTV broadcast of The 2004 JUNO Awards from Edmonton's Rexall Place drew 1.51 million viewers* (2+) to the two and a half hour scheduled broadcast, making it the most watched show of the night in Canada* and the JUNOS second biggest television audience in the last five years.

Why only the second biggest audience in the last five years? Well because last year they got 2.23 million viewers. In other words, year-to-year they lost 720,000 viewers - just about a third of last year's total.

Thankfully, The Sun's Bill Brioux turns up his nose at CTV's bait. Should a few more of these stories appear - especially if Canadian Press files one - it will be interesting to see how CTV rationalizes it. Maybe this says something about what happens when you take the awards outside of media-saturated, densely populated Ontario (Note that two years ago, in Newfoundland, the Junos pulled in 1.46 million viewers). Maybe it proves Shania Twain (the host of last year's show) is just far more popular than any of us were previously willing to admit. Or maybe too many newspaper columnists wrote nasty things about the Junos and convinced people to stay away. (No, that can't be it. Nobody listens to music critics.)

FOOTNOTE... Sometime after I posted this, the people at JamShowbiz changed the headline (at least on the main page) on the Brioux piece from "Juno ratings plunge" to the much milder "Juno ratings down from last year"

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