Friday, April 2, 2004

"Anything near as pungent as that"
Hmm. A challenge, eh?

Well how bout:
I wanna partake in bake sales for the classroom
I wanna hear the sweet tune
of Sally’s little vroom-vroom
as she zooms around my broom
as I exhume the gloom
of my shallow life
I wanna be simple and honest and dimpled
‘cause I am your wife
I will never tarry
I’m not even torn
I wanna get married
that’s why I was born

Well now I don’t mean to offend, much
just comprehend
when you’re female and you’re fenced in and
phen-phened to no end
and no zen guide to men will help you fend off the brethren
and then the pen appears
and better than the oxygen network
or the sword or the spear or the fork
or the bored pork-fed horde
it’s a mooring post
the whore you’ll miss the most when you’re away
when you’re in Snowshoe PA
doin’ some play from Backstage
that deals with AIDS and race and gays and
relationships and ballet
and then you’re like “hey yay what’d you say?
I can just sing my troubles away?”
but then you’re fucked
‘cause you gotta make a buck
and the whole world sucks
and you’re like a lame duck
that’s lyin’ dyin’ tryin’ to sell out
but there’s no one buyin’ and there’s all this doubt
and you can preen and dream and scream and shot
but your life’s affliction is the fiction of Faust

And then imagine her singing it in JAPA-FRIGGIN-ESE!

Your move.

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