Tuesday, April 6, 2004

217 pages down... 65 to go...
It's best not to get emotionally involved in these things. But Love & Death is frustrating, depressing stuff. Because no matter the plot twists, the story effectively ends the same way.
Best I can gather so far, most of L&D can be found elsewhere on the net (I can't be bothered to link to it all... just plug "Kurt Cobain" into Google... you could spend the rest of your life reading it all). Biggest revelations come from Tom Grant's tapes. But even there the "most damning" stuff is apparently kept secret - which it will remain, we're told, until the case is reopened.
The whole thing is crying out for an independent investigation. As it stands you've got a police force that allegedly bungled the case, an accused murderer whose every word is suspect, and some journalists/conspiracy theorists who seem as opportunistic as they are apparently dogged. Then there's the cavalcade of relatives, friends, drug addicts, bandmates, acquaintances, nannies, cab drivers, private investigators, record label executives, lawyers... who have evidence/information/theories/speculation/rumours/lies to share.
Where's Sheila Fraser when you need her?

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