Friday, March 5, 2004

Wowie, wow, wow...
... as Christopher Walken might say. This has nothing to do with music or, well, much of anything. But this is the official scoresheet from tonight's Ottawa Senators/Philadelphia Flyers war.
ESPN.com and TSN.ca are buzzing about this game. But should you go to NHL.com you'll find no mention of it on the main page. Which is part of the problem with the NHL and why that league currently perches precariously on the edge of oblivion.
The logical comparison is to the NFL. Whereas that league promotes its violence and brutality and thrives, the NHL instead chooses to treat what has always been an integral part of the game as some sort of dark family secret not to be spoken about in public by the nice people who run the game. And, as a result, toils in obscurity.
Flip on Sportscentre (or, for our American readers, Sportscenter) and watch the highlights. Tell me if you see one ass in its assigned seat during the six-on-six brawl in the third period. Every single person in that arena is on their feet, wide-eyed and blood thirsty.
Heck, the ARENA football league does a better job of promoting this sort of stuff. Maybe that's why one of its regular season games bested the NHL's all-star game in the television ratings a few weeks ago.

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